Aironet 1120G upgraded to a lightweight accesspoint


I heard that it was possible to softwareupgrade an Aironet 1120G autonomous accesspoint to a lightweight version.

Can anyone confirm that?


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You can use the Autonomous to Lightweight Mode upgrade tool to install Cisco IOS Release 12.3(11)JX on these access points:

?All 1100 series access points containing MP21G (802.11g) radios

?All 1130, 1230, and 1240 series access points

?All modular 1200 series access points running Cisco IOS software and containing these supported radios:

?802.11g: MP21G, MP31G

?802.11a: AIR-RM21A-x-K9, AIR-RM22A-x-K9

?All 1300 series access points in access point mode

Note Access points must run Cisco IOS Release 12.3(7)JA or later before you use the upgrade tool to install this release.

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