Access-List question

Hi guys,

Could any one give me advice on the following:

I have a range of addresses - 192.168.1. 254

Is there a way i can block a ip addresses from the middle of this range?

For instance to access blocked but the rest of the addresses allowed?

Thanks for any help it is appreciated.


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Yes it is possible.

A number of access list entries (ACE's) would be required will different masks to cover the address space in question.

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As usual, Merv is right on track.

Something like:

would represent thru 1.127.

Or and

would collectively be 1.48 - 1.95.

You could get pretty close to 50-100 (perhaps exactly there if you used a bunch of really small networks), but it would take several masks as those numbers do not align with general subnetting (1, 2, 4,

8, 16, 32, 64, 128).
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There used to be a neat little Cisco C program called masks.c (written by a Joel Bion, ISTR) which would work these things out for you. I think I've seen a web site that does the same thing but I can't remember where. A chart like this can help too. Yes, that's my chart; there are other very similar ones out there.


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