Access-list Question and ports


I want to allow full communications and all ports (23, 21, 5000, etc) to be opend between 2 vlans.

1st vlan 112 access-list 112 permit tcp any any access-list 112 permit udp any any

2nd access-list 172 permit tcp any any access-list 172 permit udp any any

Any assitance would be appreciated

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You said you wanted to allow full communications, but you're only allowing TCP and UDP. There's more than that, such as ICMP. If you want to allow full communications, why not just allow all IP?

Also, what's that "any any" doing there? You have that in the place where the IP and wildcard should be, so putting the IP and wildcard after it results in a syntax error.

What you want is:

access-list 112 permit ip

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