6.3(5) pppoe & pptp on outside interface

Thought I would be able to have both pppoe auth & pptp on the outside interface of my 501 running 6.3(5)

But I get the following msg

Can not enable vpdn on the same interface as PPPoE.

Any way around this?

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PPPoE and PPTP both require forms of GRE. In order to use both together, the GRE part of PPTP would have to be encapsulated within the GRE part of PPPoE, which is more complicated than PIX 6 is willing to get into.

The restriction is documented, but the reference site isn't coming up at the moment so I can't post a URL right now.

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Walter Roberson

Yep from my google research looks like it can't be done. So I managed to setup IPSEC using the cisco VPN client.

Thanks I really appreciate all of your help (:

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