2821 with T1 configuration questions

I just purchased a Cisco 2821 with a 2-port 2nd Gen Multiplex trunk card (CS2-VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1) and I'm trying to connect a T1. I'm moving the T1 from an old Cisco 2501 router with the hope of adding additional T1's in the future. I'm having problems with the initial config. Currently the t1 runs through a TSU (csu/dsu) into the serial port on the router, then to the firewall. With the card that I purchases I thought the t1 plugs directly into the router bypassing the TSU. I'm able to connect the t1 and it seems like its talking (that's just a guess, the lights are on :) but I don't know how to assign the outside IP that I currently have on the serial port on the 2501. Am I missing some equipment, do I create some kind of virtual serial port. I don't see a way to add an IP to the controller port. Do I need to replace the TSU with one that doesn't have the V.35 port?

I'm new to this and obviously lost any help would be appreciated, thanks

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You're fine for gear. You'll be bringing the T1 right from the smartjack into the VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1 card.

You need to configure the card correctly first.

! controller T1 0/1/0 framing esf linecode b8zs channel-group 0 timeslots 1-24 !

Assuming the card defaults to T1. Then you'll get a Serial 0/1/0:0 interface to configure just the same as the 2501 was setup for its Serial0.

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Doug McIntyre

And if it's a T1E1 card you will most likely have to tell it it's a T1 before you see the controller as well. Sometihng like:

! card slot 0 T1

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Martin Gallagher

Just needed to add the channel-group line and the serial interface showed up. Thanks for your help.

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