1751 flash memory discrepancy question

I have a 1751 showing it has 16M of flash memory, ie.

16384K bytes of processor board System flash (Read/Write).

Multiple posts in this newsgroup indicate I am not alone with this amount of memory being reported.

However, Cisco documentation such as

formatting link
show they have 32M of flash which cannot be upgraded. There are no slots for flash so it is on the system board.

I erased the flash and nvram memory thinking there was something in the configuration I was missing but no change.

What's going on here? I'm quite new to Cisco equipment so I am greatly confused.

Is this an indication that maybe we have Chinese knockoffs?

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Cisco frequently upgraded the base flash and RAM, especially in their small end devices, without making a new product, nor differentiating it someway. Thus, older boxes definately are 16M, while the newest ones (comparitivly) might roll out with 32M, and the latest IOS revs only work on the newest boxes, leaving people with the older boxes behind. The 8xx series suffers from this as well.

Other products don't so much have RAM/Flash built in, but socketed, so like the 2600's came with small amounts of RAM/Flash at the start, and with huge amounts compared to the start at the end of the line.

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Doug McIntyre

formatting link
clearly show they have 32M of flash which cannot be upgraded. There

I don't have access to a 1751, but offer the following opinion:

The RAM configuration for a device can change through the years that it is sold.

Take a look at this document as an example:

formatting link

The memory configuration may change to keep up with ever expanding IOS image file sizes (additional Flash), and to support newly integrated features (additional DRAM).

The document you are referencing is probably just an updated version of the original. You are probably in possession of an earlier vintage of the 1751.

Best Regards, News Reader

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News Reader

That clears it up completely. Thanks for the great help!

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> clearly show they have 32M of flash which cannot be upgraded. There

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