Policy Based Routing on Cisco L3 Switch 3550 with IOS 12.1(22)

Hi all,

I have a 3550 L3 switch and I am trying to implement policy based routing. My setup is as follows:

PC1 | | | Switch 3550------- Appliance 1 | \\ | \\ | \\ Firewall1 Firewall 2 | | | | VPN 1 VPN 2 | | | | |__Firewall 3__| | | | PC3

Currently, the switch sends all traffic bound for PC2 through Firewall


I want traffic from Appliance 1 going to PC2 to pass through Firewall

2 instead.

To do this, I went into the Switch config and added the following:

access-list 123 permit ip y.y.y.y x.x.x.x route-map test_map permit 10 match ip address 123 set ip next-hop (IP of inside interface of Firewall 2) int vlan1 ip policy route-map test_map

As far as I can tell, It's set up according to examples in Cisco documentation, but doesn't work. Can anyone see something I missed?



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Routing with Catalyst 3550 Series Switch Configuration Example

"You must modify the SDM template, such that it supports the 144-bit Layer 3 TCAM"

Get that bit?

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I performed this step at the very beginning... After logging into the switch I entered the command:

sdm prefered routing

I then rebooted the switch. Once the switch reloaded, I entered the Access-list, route-maps, etc. When I do a show sdm prefered, the IOS confirms the current template is the Routing Template.


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