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Cisco EA6500 Router question
I've searched the Linksys site and tried using a Google search, but haven't been able to find anything to answer my question. I set up my dual band router with the 2.4 Ghz band named HuzzaHutch (phony...
8 years ago 1
CCNP Voice - Training Toronto July 22 - August 2nd
CCNP Voice - Training Toronto July 22 - August 2nd Regular Price $4495 CAD + Free CCIE Voice/Collaboration Training 1 seat left for July 22 class in Toronto. What is included? ?10 Days Instructor led...
8 years ago
DOS attack distruber
Hi all, I ask me, if routers cisco can manage the DOS ? thinks ZarkXe. Hello ZarkXe. Do you know the answer now? I would like to tell you one thing, one extremely important thing: *coincoin est ici* !...
9 years ago 2
Used Cisco Selling List
Hi everyone, I have a list of used cisco equipment in promotion, please check if we can deal anything: SSM-4GE ASA5520-BUN-K9 ASA-SSM-AIP10-K9 ASA-SSM-AIP20-K9 ASA-SSM-CSC-10-K9 ASA-SSM-CSC-20-K9...
10 years ago
iPhone apps - Cisco CME Config Generator
iPhone apps - Cisco CME Config Generator An iPhone apps that allow you to generate Cisco CME router config without need to know a single line of CLI command!! Now on iTunes apps store!
10 years ago
PIX vs RV042
We are considering replacing an old PIX 501E firewall (unlimited users) with an RV042 to position ourselves for some future time when we may decide to install a backup Internet feed. Considering the...
11 years ago
Difference between Cisco 4500 and 4500-E switches
This is very simple. What is the difference between the Cisco 4500- series and the 4506-E seriers? Thanks. The data sheets spell it out?? the Sup-6L-E has 10GE ports (like the Sup5-10GE), and the...
12 years ago 1
Measuring VLAN performance
Hi all, I'm in the process of converting a flat network (approx 2000 users) to a more layered approach using VLANS. We have 2x Cisco 6509 switches with Sup720's configured as a HSRP core, linked with...
12 years ago 7
Aironet 1130 can not be converted to autonomous
Hi: I have 5 Aironet 1130AG in LightWeight Mode and I am trying converting to autonomous mode. I do not have a cisco WLAN controller. I have tried the tftp server load image but the AP sent "Error...
13 years ago 2
Accessing a server from the external IP
Hi, I have a Linksys WRT160N that I am trying to configure to a ubuntu server (8.10) running apache 2.0. I have been experimenting and decided to restart the apache web server on port 21229. The...
13 years ago 5
Cisco voice vlan
Hi Guys, I am configuring our Cisco 3750 to support CIsco CME, i have noticed that we can configure the interface either as ab access port or as a trunk and both will support Voice and Data Vlans....
13 years ago 2
Finding the Manufacturing Date on switches?
Anyone know how to locate the manufacturing date for the following switch series? 3750, 3560, 2950? I work at a University and we're trying to inventory the dates all of the networking equipment was...
13 years ago 4
Cisco VPN Client through http proxy
Hi, I am in a campus where all the outgoing internet connection is thorough a http proxy. I want to use Cisco VPN client to make a VPN connection to a server outside my campus, can someone please tell...
14 years ago 3
FREE CCNA Study Tools
Hi all, I have developed a few CCNA study tools and would appreciate any feedback you can give. A couple of subnetting programs, and IP Subnet Calculator and a Subnetting Question Generator: have...
14 years ago
Factory default Cisco IP Conference Station
Hi, Does anyone know how to default s Cisco IP conference station (CP-7936) . I have 2 that are stuck in a loop looking for a particular TFTP server. it won't boot to any of the menus to allow me to...
14 years ago
Cisco VPN Client w/ Certificate Authentication
When I attempt to connect to the corporate LAN using the Cisco VPN Client on a machine that has been registered on our windows domain all is fine, however on a standalone machine I receive the...
14 years ago
Dear All, I tried all but, i cannot connect to pix with cisco vpn client. I would like to access to my network without any limitation with cisco vpn client. Please help me about it. : Saved PIX...
15 years ago
Cisco ADSL connection problem
Hi. Our main router at one of our site was having problems with dropping the ADSL connection on a regular basis so I got onto BT and they ran some tests on the line a said that there was some unkown...
15 years ago 2
Best Tool to Display WAN utilization by the Second
What is the best tool that can capture data in a graphical format per second. I tried the tool from Crannog but it captures only WCCP data and that is displayed every 10 minutes as a summary. I have a...
15 years ago 6
Clock Rate command
If I issue a command such as clock rate 128000 and this particular command is used on a T1 line, does this mean the T1 line will transmit date at 128kbps instead of the full capacity of 1.5Mbps???...
15 years ago 3