seeking info regarding good available simulators

hi all can anybody guide me as i am looking for a good simulator for my lab learning.


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Lab to study for what? CCNA, CCNP, CCIE?

There is such a huge amount of discussion on simulators on this group, you should do a search before posting.

In summary :-

Sims are not as good as routers.

For CCNA, the Boson Router Sim is good for answering the Boson supplied questions. A pair of 1600 or 2500 series routers will cost less and give you more, but you still need a switch. The kit can later be used for CCNP, whereas the Sim can't.

For CCNP, none of the Sims cover the depth needed for the exams. They give you access to more "virtual kit" for the money, but not the real-world experience. Plenty of people pass CCNP without using Kit or Sims.

For CCIE, forget it. You need kit.

None of the CCDx exams require hands-on experience.


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hey sorry but may be i just forgot to mention, but i was talking about CCNA exam.


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Boson NetSim is the best simulator available. It has a lot of scenarios for CCNA lab and it seems very realistic. Routers can be accessed through real windows' telnet/hyperterminal using a loopback interface that the program will ocnfigure for the pc. Very good program!

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Simone Schiassi

I would also add that if buy the CCNP beta you will get the CCNA for free, and will get the full version of the CCNP once complete from Boson...

$249 - great price for a great package .

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