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I have my MCSE, but would like to have the CCNA because I believe it would help me in my present job. I self studied for my MCSE for about 2 years, but after looking at Cisco Cert's I realize I don't have the experience to self-study i.e. CBTs and LearnKey to get through the Cisco process. I work full time and am in a Master's Program, but could take time off during the work day for CCNA classes. I could use my lab at home for my MCSE, but don't know about the CCNA and what type of lab equipment is involved.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a school or classes for the CCNA in Louisville, KY?

What type of equipment would I need to use at home to get a good grasp of the CCNA studies?

Any help much appreciated -

Thanks -

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I have held my CCNA now for 2 years and I am studying for my CCNP. I would definitely recommend you obtain professional training to achieve this certification b/c it is not easy. I was fortunate b/c I work for a Service Provider and I had all the experience & training I needed to pass the exam. Well, enough of me blabbering on about my past experience. I cannot recommend a school, but I can recommend equipment for you to obtain off of ebay to study for your exam:

Router = 2611 or 2621. Switch = 2950 or 3550.

I like the idea of getting a 3550 b/c it has layer 3 functionality and it will give you an opportunity to break stuff more.

One note of advice, the CCNA exam is the best out there in terms of 'weeding out the unprepared test-taker'. Make sure you know the material and, most importantly, understand why. The 'Why?' question is the best one you can ask yourself during the studying process to give yourself an in-depth understanding of the specific technology in question.

Good Luck.

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Check the Cisco site, there is an Academy locator there that should be able to direct you to the nearest Cisco academy to where you live.


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