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I'm studying for CCNA certification using Sybex's guide by Todd Lammle.

The book I have is the fourth edition. I see that the most recent one is the fifth edition.

Is there anywhere I can find out the differences between the editions? I'd rather not have to buy it again!

Also, a customer review of Todd's text on Amazon stated that, although the 1900 switch configuration is covered in the text, this model has been dropped from the exam. Is this correct?


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Mr Roflcopter
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Yes. The 1900 has been replaced with the 2950. This means different way of configuring vlans, and using dot1q trunking instead of isl. This happened about two years ago, so it sounds like you've been sitting on that book for a while!

I don't like Lammle's style, but many people find Cisco Press' books too dry - so pick whichever suits you. You could get through I'd be investing the $50 or so in some updated material though. Odom's CCNA series (not perfect, but got me through - get the errata from is about this price.

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Thanks Matt,

Yeah, I've had the book about a year - it covers both the 1900 and the 2950. :)

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