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So would you recommend the testking Q's but look each answer up (some of the subnetting ones are just PLAIN wrong). Or would you say there are more prep test that would be more accurate of the final exam?

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So I've been studying the CCNA Deluxe edition by Todd Lammle (latest ed.) - really nice study companion. So I've loaded up the software CD and done the questions in the book and I'm getting 95% - 100% on each practise test, and am feeling pretty confident.

So I purchase some stuff off testking and wtf? this seems way harder and lots of the stuff on the testking isn't even covered in the CCNA book. And I don't mean things like NAT or anything, furthermore some of the answers to the questions on the testking seem V dubious to me.

So my question is, how good of an indicator is the CCNA study companion that you're ready to sit the exam and are the questions likely to be the same type of thing.

For instance, on the study guide one, the four multiple choices as an example (one will be silly, and the other three will have subtle differences - like mode switching etc, but the ones on testking seem to be perdantic about getting the exact syntax in the exact format).

Any advice from someone?

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the questions in the real exam are allot different to the ones in most studdy end of chapter tests, the testking questions are near to what you will be asked but i have found some of there answeres to the questions wrong. i would never recomend them. cheers

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"lots of the stuff on the testking isn't even covered in the CCNA book." :

Was your book up to date ?

Found this excerpt from

formatting link

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