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I bought the Sybex exam book (ISBN-10: 0470110082 ) and I stumbled across another book today at Borders from McGraw-Hill (ISBN-10: 0071497285).

I do not have time to read both and from the reviews I read on Amazon it seems that the McGraw-Hill is pretty good. Anybody used this book as their only source?

I really appreciate your help!

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I personally like the layout of Sybex books in general than the McGraw-Hill book, but you would be better off with the one which is the most recently written and more especially for the correct test. Overall, I actually like Cisco Press books by Wendell Odom the most.

The McGraw-Hill book was published in 2008 for Cisco exam 640-802. The Sybex book was pushlished in 2007 for Cisco exam 640-802 and was written by Todd Lammle. He has been writing CCNA material for quite a while and this book does include some video material as well as practice test material. Perhaps the other one has this as well, but I did not see it.

It is better at this point to read the book that you already have than to spend more time comparing other books to this one. After you have read the complete book, then worry about practice test results, even the ones on paper in the book. After than, then worry about the actual exam.

There you go, that is your free book review, which you did not have time for, done for you. You probably spent as much time reading this as you could have spent reading reviews on them. Your best advice now is to consume the entire contents of the book.

----- Scott Perry Indianapolis, IN


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