CCNA & ip subnet-zero

The questions will specify whether ip subnet-zero is enabled or not.


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I have finished reading Todd Lamle's CCNA study guide 5th edition and it clearly states that the recent CCNA exam asks subnetting questions based on the ip subnet-zero command being enabled - however reading some testking questions (v6.2) the subnetting questions take into account the 2 to the power of - 2 for the total amount of subnets which means that the ip subnet-zero command is not enabled.

Has anyone taken the exam lately and seeing whether it is with or without the command enabled?



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Thanks - I thought as much but did not see any on the testking questions thus my question.

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Its odd they ask that because it's enabled by default in cisco IOS, but I'm sure at some point it was not. I think the lesson in knowing that is understanding the use of it.

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