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Hello all, I was curious if anyone here could provide feedback on any router simulation software for the CCNA.

I have read mixed reviews for the products from Boson and NetSim and was wondering if there are other, maybe better, alternatives.

Thanks in Advanced


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Chris Patterson
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I purchased the netsim product a week ago. It's pretty good, just don't expect a full working lab....

equipment at home in my living room without the noise of several fans anoying the wife.

Hope this helps

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I finished the CCNA in February. The free BOSON simulation software that came with the Cisco Press books was more than adequate (I scored

948 on INTRO and 1000 on ICND). I think the 2 books set with software cost me $30 at Frys. It should be all you need.....
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How long did you study to do so well? What did you do to prepare? I am hoping to take the test in April. I just started studying.

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I'm working with Boson. It's helpfull but buggy. It doesn't sometimes do what it should do and thats pretty difficult if you're learning. Hmmmm..... is this my fault or again the Boson software.

I guess nothing compares with the real gear, but of course this is more expensive.

Just my 2ct.

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