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Anyone using the Boson Netsim for CCNP for studies? I'm using it for my recert of CCNA. Just wondering if anyone is having some issues with the application. It works pretty well, but there are a couple of things that bug me.

Also, I could use some help on some of the questions within the labs. Sure the answers can be found, but I do not understand from the "show" commands how they got the answers. A couple are not obvious to me.

Later, Bill

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Same problem here.

I'm using Netsim 6 final beta, which is great, but on a sequential lab for the 2950(lab12) it says to do the following, and I'm not sure where to get the answers.

  1. On switch3, issue the show interface vlan1 command to verify that the IP address, mask, and default gateway are correct. IP and mask, OK, but the default gateway, which I also just set is a system setting(I think), not a vlan1 setting. Also after I set the default gateway with '2950sw3(config)# ip default-gateway', I thought it should show up in the output of the 'show run' command . It's not there.

  1. On switch3, issue the show interfaces command. a. Question: What is the Spanning Tree (802.1D) state of interface fa0/1? b. Question: What is the duplex setting for interface fa0/2?

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Depends on what kind of learner you are.

If you are the kind of learner who benefits most directly from following hands-on instructions like: Book instruction: Type this command, notice the output. Book instruction: Type this command, notice the output. Book instruction: Type the command to perform X.

Then the NetSim will probably provide you with everything you need.

If you are the kind of learner who is a tinkerer: Book instruction: Type this command, notice the output. "Yeah, but what happens if I type *this*?" "Oh, that's wrong" "What about *this*?" "Invalid input detected at '^' marker?" "Oh, I get it!"

Then you need some real routers to work with.

I'm definately a tinkerer, so I've got some routers on the way, though I already have the NetSim.


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I'm a tinkerer. Always will be. Hands on is the way to go. Unfortuneately I cannot afford my own routers nor do I have access to them. The NetSim works very well for what they are, but as I have stated it does not help when you read their answer, but the output of a certain command that you have studied and have run does not even show the information. This is where my frustration is. As the post before you wrote it is the same lab that I was questioning. I already contacted Boson for one issue and they say they have an updated coming. Not yet, though.

BTW, I know working with the real thing is the way to go, but I have learned (I am currently a CCNA) by taking the tests that if you learn from the source (I use Cisco Press stuff and their web site) that if you don't do it their way you aren't going to pass. It is kind of like unlearning what you normally do and relearn with the test in mind.

Thanks for your response, though! It is true. Hands one and tinker. It's the only way!


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