Recently passed CCNA looking to 642-801 BSCI what equipment do I need ?

Hi All, think of the 642-801 exam,What hardware do I need to prepare?


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What's your budget? Do you want to do CCIE after?

You can do BSCI with three 1601s, three WiC-1Ts and three cross over cables. Around $40 each item.

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Currently from the CCNA I have 3 X 2500 Routers (with DCE - DTE) 1 X 3550 switch, 1 X 2950 Switch, 1 X 2900 Switch. (I have a lab in work)

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Im just starting out also, got my Cisco self study library yesterday and 1 X 1605 router with WIC1T card and 1 X 1603 router , a serial cable and a 2908XL router.

Im thinking about buying a 2514 Router also. Do I need more gear to help get the CCNA passed ?

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No. Not for CCNA.

CCNA you need basic configuration commands, that's it. Note that a Cat2900 series switch won't have exactly the same commands as the Cat2950, but you'll work that out. For CCNP, you'll need something more substantial.

I'm CCNP, and aiming for CCIE. My lab has been growing since CCNA, and currently has the following:

Cisco 2610 + WIC-1B-S/T + NM-8A/S Cisco 2610 + WIC-1T + WIC-1B-S/T + NM-4A/S Cisco 2611 + 2xWIC-1T + NM-1V + VIC-2FXS

2x (Cisco 1751 + WIC-1T + VIC-2FXS) Cisco 2511 Cisco 1603 + WIC-1T 2x (Cisco 1601 + WIC-1T) 2x Cisco 828 Cisco Aironet 1130B Catalyst 2950-24 Heaps of cables A couple of USR-56k external modems. A couple of PCs running Linux (native support for VPNs) and diagnostic tools.

For a router setup, thats pretty solid for CCIE. I need more switches, ideally Cat3550s, but unless I get some particularly good deals, I'll just be renting rack time for those.

Note that the above is absolute OVERKILL for CCNA, and possibly for CCNP as well :)


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