Do I need taking CCNA course prior to exam?


I'm considering making the CCNA certification. But the course it self is more than $2500 in my country. During my research I found plenty of material so I could do self study for this certification. I also have basic knowledge about routing and most topics related to CCNA. So my question is: can I go directly to a testing center (after scheduling) and make my test paying only the exam?


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Yes you can, many people do it that way. Consider spending some money on Cisco routers - there is no better preparation for exams than playing with your own home lab.

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Sławomir Kawa

hi~ i'm very sure that you CAN pass the CCNA exam by selfstudy it's really simple~~ ^_^ indeed , i finish all the ccna and ccnp course by myself i think the most important thing is to have self-confidence once you think you can make it , then you can

by the way as another guy replied , you really need some device to practise but as known , cisco device is really expensive(at least to me ^_^) you can try Cisco 7200 Simulator

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's a real simulator of cisco device , you can use it as it is a real cisco device believe me ,it's so cool~~ and it's free!! i'm using it to prepare my ccie lab exam

good luck~

by Leon wrote:

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You guys are the ones! I thank you and Slawomir for this so useful information! Many, many thanks!

Leon escreveu:

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you are welcome~~

hope you pass CCNA :) wrote:

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