Can the 642-801 BSCI be passed by just reading?

Hi, I passed the CCNA with the Sybex book and a class-based training (which didn't really add to the reading). I'm now studying for the CCNP, starting with the 642-801 BSCI. The Cisco Press book I've got says it is not designed to pass the exam without some extra tuition (now it tells me!). I'm not sure I'll be able to get to more class-based training, and I don't have a lab (though I want one) or any hands-on usage at work(though I want some). Have any of you guys passed the 642-801 by just reading the books? TIA, Tookalow.

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Tony Love

Thanks Tony. I'll se if I can get another 2600. Tookalow.

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