need to sit CCIE written, or update exam for CCNP/CCDP

No, you need only take it every 3 years in order to retain your Professional certification.

I see no point in taking the separate exams, seems just like a waste of money to me. From a purely financial point of view, the cheapest option is the take the composite, it should also be about the easiest. The question is, do you expect to be ready to take the CCIE lab within 18 months of recertification? If so then do the CCIE written, if not do the composite.

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Paul Womar
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Hi, has enyone sat any of the following exams recently:

  • CCIE written (R&S)
  • 642-891 Composite exam,
  • or both the 642-801 BSCI and 642-811 BCMSN exams

I need to site either of the three options above as my ccnp.ccdp will expire in late december. How did you find the exam? Last time i took these exams was 3 years ago. I am guessing much has changed in the format of the test i.e. more simulation stuff.

Since i want to proceed to CCIE it would be to my advantage to do the CCIE written. However i need to take the CCIE lab within 1.5 years of the written. After 1.5 years i need to sit the written again if i want to proceed along the CCIE track.

So im guessing i have two choices in as much as retaining my professional level certs:

  1. sit the ccie written every 1.5 years
  2. sit the composite exam every 3 years

Still looking into my options. Any insights would be appreciated!

cheers, Peter

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