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>> Finished my CCNA (used Sybex book) & thinking about studying BSCI next. I >> hear the Cisco press books are all you need & the Sybex ones aren't as >> good. > > I'd agree with that and have only very rarely seen posts suggesting the > Sybex ones are as good. > >> I see multiple Cisco press books for it tho, which one is better? I'd >> rather >> read one 1000 page book rather than 2 or 3 if possible. > > I have always used the Exam Cert Guides as opposed to the pure > Self-Study guides and it was more than enough to get me past it. I'm > always a bit unsure about the real differences but AIUI the exam guides > tend to be a bit shorter, assume more knowledge and come with a CD with > practice tests. If you only want to buy one then I'd think the > Certification guide is the one to go for, you can get all 4 in a box set > for a reasonable discount. I virtually always use as they > service has always been good, prices are about the lowest around and if > you sign up to their mailing list then every few months they seem to > offer an extra 10% discount. Currently 74.74 GBP from them: > > -- > -> The email address used in this message *IS* valid
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