CCNP Recertification by passing a 642 exam

My CCNP expires in October, since then I have completed several 642 professional level exams in order to complete my CCSP, one of them after

1/1/2006. Cisco's site says that I will recertify my CCNP if I "Pass any 642 exam that is part of the professional level curriculum after 01/01/06". However the career tracker doesn't show me as recertified. When it says curriculum does it mean the whole Pro curriculum or just that I can recertify my CCNP by passing any one of the 4 CCNP exams again?

Thanks, Paul.

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I found it much easier to pass one of CCIE Written exams. They renew ALL your certifications.

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Well I am a CCNP, CCSP & CCDA, my understanding of the current rules is that by taking one of the current 642 exams that will do exactly the same! I am taking the Switching one again seeing as last time I got the highest score on that one and it had the lowest pass mark! Now that I've managed to get logged onto the certifications tracking tool it appears that only the latest versions apply. I have a feeling that the last 642 exam I took was actually being replaced by a new one hence wasn't on the list of ones that would recertify me. I was about half way through my CCIE book but I'd been very slack at getting through it. It seemed to make sense to do one I'd done before with a decent grade to keep the CCNP then go back to doing the CCIE properly instead of rushing it.

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