importing Cisco 877 config

Hi All,

Ive got a cisco 877 running the latest SDM. Recently it had a problem where i needed to reboot it to resolve what ever problem it had... The next thing i realise is that its "lost" all my firewall settings... so, im trying to use the config editor and import my config to replace the current one with my working one i had saved out with all the right settings.

So I follow the steps right, however its been something like 1/2 an hour so far and the "status bar" is still showing - saying "replace in progress". Surely it shouldnt take this long to import a config should it?

Is there any way to import my config from the CLI (without having to type in every single line again?)

Or am I missing something with the SDM import?

Cheers Spyro

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Spyro Polymiadis
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are you using a tftp server and the command copy tftp startup-config? thats the only way I usually do it...

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