WS-C1924C-EN Firmware

Hello folks,

I (still) have a bunch of 1900 series Catalyst switches, they are destined for charity and when I was checking them all today I found out some of the flash memories have corrupted over the years. Some of them wont even start up anymore.

I thought the safest bet was to refresh the firmware on all switches but when tried to download the firmware I found out Cisco even keeps the end of life firmware safely behind bars.

Is there anyone here that can supply me with this file?

I don't have the original receipts or papers nor do I have a service agreement (or even the money for that).

The firmware running on the working switches is: V9.00.04: Enterprise Edition (1024K).

Many thanks for the person who could help me with this, I'll definitely buy you a beer!

Cheers, TK

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I know my answer is not very helpful, but I would contact Cisco and explain everything to them. I believe they will help.

Good luck!


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Haha yeah,

After being on hold for 30 minutes, they told me in 30 seconds that I have to contact the nearest partner. I called the nearest partner and I think they didn't really have a non- business person calling them ever before. The first 3 persons there told me I'd have to buy a service agreement and I'd have to replace my switches by not EOL products.

In the end I've sent them an e-mail (just like you), but they couldn't tell me anything.

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That's too bad!

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1924C-EN is 10Mbps switch which went EoS in 2002 and EoL in 2007. Do you really expect people to use it?

Regards, Andrey.

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Andrey Tarasov

I don't have a 1924 right at hand, though 2 of them are sitting on

*some* shelf at my office. Though I remember the OS being a bit quirky and decidedly un-IOS, isn't there a way to copy the firmware from one of the still working ones to TFTP? With an IOS switch or router this would be trivial.

HTH, Patrick

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Patrick M. Hausen

That would be my initial approach too.

Otherwise, what is the name of the firmware file? These are very old and I can't recall how to drive them.

If you can post the filename, then maybe, if I had a valid email for you , I might be able to find something in some archive or other.

It would be astonishing if it was not easy to copy the image off of a working switch and put it on the others.

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The 1900 switches were generally menu driven. The desktop one didn't even have a CLI. The enterprise one had a secondary option in one of its menus for something that sort of looked like IOS at a 10,000 mile view of it. I assume this was something Grand Junction or whoever Cisco bought for this switch line was working on before the deal happened.

I haven't met much network hardware that was menu driven that let you suck the firmware image off of it.

Maybe that could be a special niche business to setup. Ancient network hardware rack time sold to give experience of really old gear to people who haven't had the thrills of experiencing it the first few times. :)

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Doug McIntyre

Doesn't sound like much of a retirement plan to me:)

I initially missread the above as follows

I thought, that sounds interesting - for a second of two - then I realised I needed to read it again:))

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The "problem" with the 1900 series was that you could never PULL an image off it, only PUSH one to it, regardless of it being Standard or Enterprise (at least I never found a way to do that). Enterprise had the CLI option as well as the Menu, Standard had Menu only. I think the OS on these was CBOS, and not IOS. The CLI was very roughly Cisco-ish, but you could tell there was a difference... Our last

1900's were replaced about 6 months ago......;-(

So unless you can find your image elsewhere you are stuck sorry...


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