Dinamic translations with ports

It s possible to use ACLs in translations with ports??

ip nat inside source ¿LIST? { tcp | udp }


I need to apply different port translations depending on the source subnet...


begin 666 net.jpg M_]C_X `02D9)1@`!`@```0`!``#_X0#F17AI9@``24DJ``@````%`!(!`P`! M`````0```#$!`@` MS-B-,1!D8EH48[RU*2E#@!.P^8K.)%G?+U MU?J:\\Z9N5ACM:A@R9" V)D-UI*'9JJM)[N;?5+O4)*!0*!0*!0*!0*"JN`??B-].;G]G06K0*!0:5 MQ>_Q>N?Z=O\\`MH,KW+-(?%/YP]^U4:@/

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Can you use a route-map instead of a an ACL? You can apply your match conditions there.

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Hansang Bae

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