Open ports

Hi, my PortExplorer show me strange opened ports as REMOTE:

4, 5, 6, 12, 14, 18, 262, 57862, 57870, 57874, 57875

Is it normal situation? Is any danger from this ports? Thx, Max

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May be this open ports can invite exploites and ruin everything.

Check this site for getting knowledge of openports:

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Following are all the DYNAMIC AND/OR PRIVATE PORTS: 57862, 57870, 57874, 57875 There can be a code aur website/application runnnig on this port on machine

U can close this ports throuigh IP filtering in TCP/IP connection properties.Or using CCports software.


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Thanks, and whot about Blockpost I have this plug-in, but I don't have pors tlist... Can You help me find good list? Max

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