Cisco 515E - Configuration Help Needed

I'm a first-timer with Cisco firewalls and need urgently help in configuration of Cisco 515E -firewall. The firewall is as a gatekeeper to a room where are three servers and about ten workstations. One of these three servers responds of all the network-traffic that comes in this particular space. So all the traffic goes through this server allthough all the computers are connected to same switch. The Firewall should come between the switch and the internet. How should I start configurating the firewall?


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I'd start by giving it an IP...

but then again .. you'd be better off drawing a picture and defining what you are actually trying to achieve. If one of the servers responds to all traffic eg: arps then make sure that proxy arp is disabled on your "space" interface. The unfortunate thing is that without info on your requirements... no one will be able to assist in any configuration.

which ntwork is to be the most secure ? are there only 2 networks ? is the most secure network able to see hosts in the insecure network ? is the least secure network able to see hosts in the secure network ? what type of traffic is allowed in which direction ?

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