Cisco 827 ADSL Configuration Help

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I don't have AOl so I can't say anything about that, but I would get rid of the access-lists and firewall and concentrate on the basic connectivity first.

under ATM0 add: dsl enable-training-log (so that you can see the training with show dsl int atm0)

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Use the 827 ADSL troubleshooting guide if you encounter difficulties

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Looks OK. Never seen anyone use pvc 0/100 before. Maybe AOL do?

In the US I think is is often 0/35. The other thing is that pap is not always supported chap is more common I think. Easy to try one then the other though or even configure both, I think it tries both,

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run a debug ppp

your isp may have another route that you will use for default

the debug ppp will show you the ip with whom you are negotiating

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