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1 What is the term for the cabling that connects the customer premises equipment to the CO switch?

demarc local loop final mile DTE trunk line

2 A network administrator wants to reconfigure a router. Which of the following will clear the running-configuration in preparation for the reconfiguration?

erase running-config and then reload erase running-config reload no running-config and then reload erase startup-config and then reload delete running-config

3 A ping command is issued on workstation A to determine if workstation B can be reached. What events will occur if this command is successful? (Choose two.)

The router will block the ping request message. The router will reply to the echo request with a proxy ping response. Workstation A will send a UDP ping request message to workstation B. Workstation B will send a UDP ping reply message to workstation A. Workstation A will send an ICMP echo request message to workstation B. Workstation B will send an ICMP echo reply message to workstation A.

4 How is spanning-tree path cost determined by default?

total hop count sum of the costs based on bandwidth dynamically determined based on load individual link cost based on latency

5 Which of the following statements describes the operation of routing with EIGRP? (Choose three.)

As new neighbors are discovered, entries are placed in a neighbor table. If the feasible successor has a higher advertised cost than the current successor route, then it becomes the primary route. If hello packets are not received within the hold time, DUAL must recalculate the topology. The reported distance is the distance to a destination as advertised by a neighbor. Routes learned through IGRP are identified as internal routes. EIGRP builds one routing table that contains routes for all configured routed protocols.

6 What are the two basic functions that a router uses to relay packets?

filtering and switching path determination and filtering path determination and switching traffic analysis and filtering

7 A partial configuration of a Catalyst 1900 switch is shown in the graphic. Why do the following commands fail to delete VLAN1 and VLAN2? (Choose two.)

no vlan 1 no vlan 2

VLAN 1 is not configured on the switch. VLAN 1 is the default VLAN and cannot be removed. The network administrator is using the wrong command. The switch is configured in VTP client mode. Ports are still assigned to VLAN 1 and VLAN 2 and the VLANs cannot be deleted until those assignments are removed.

8 How many host addresses may be assigned on each subnetwork when using the network address with a subnet mask of


256 2046 2048 4094 4096

9 What is another term for latency?

backoff algorithm hold-down timer propagation delay redundancy

10 What are the two authentication options supported by PPP?

PAP and clear text PAP and CHAP CHAP and clear text PPP does not support authentication

11 Which statement best describes the difference between exterior routing protocols and interior routing protocols?

Exterior routing protocols are used for communications within a single autonomous system, and interior routing protocols are used for communications between autonomous systems. Interior routing protocols are used between neighbor routers, and exterior routing protocols are used between peer routers. Interior routing protocols are used by mid size companies, and exterior routing protocols are used by large organizations. Interior routing protocols are used for communications within a single autonomous system, and exterior routing protocols are used for communications between autonomous systems.

12 Which of the following is a non-ISDN compatible device that requires a terminal adapter to connect to an ISDN network?


13 Which device imposes boundaries on broadcast traffic?

bridge repeater router transceiver

14 Refer to exhibit. Given the topology shown in the exhibit, what three commands are needed to configure EIGRP on the Paris router? (Choose three.)

Paris(config)# router eigrp 100 Paris(config)# router eigrp Paris(config-router)# network Paris(config-router)# network Paris(config-router)# network Paris(config-router)# network

15 Which ISDN channel is used for call setup?


16 Host A in the graphic has received its DHCP configuration from R1. Host A is unable to reach the Internet. What could cause this problem?

The DNS server is not on the same LAN as Host A. The ip helper-address command must be configured on the Ethernet interface. Host A did not receive the correct gateway address. The DHCP service has not been enabled on interface e0. The router IP address has been excluded from the DHCP pool. The subnet mask in the network command is incorrect.

17 Which utility can be used to verify connectivity through all seven layers of the OSI model?

netstat ping Telnet traceroute

18 Which OSI model layer is responsible for regulating the flow of information from source to destination, reliably and accurately?

application presentation session transport network

19 Which of the following represents a group of routers under a common administration and is required when configuring routing protocols such as EIGRP?

control group autonomous system corporate system Domain Name System local-area network wide-area network

20 How is RIP configured on a router?

RIP is configured globally and then assigned an IP address and subnet mask. RIP is configured globally and then applied to each interface that will participate in the RIP routing process. RIP is configured individually on each interface that will participate in the RIP routing process. RIP is enabled globally and then networks are associated with the RIP routing process.

21 What are the advantages of OSPF in comparison with RIP v2? (Choose two.)

OSPF provides support for Classless Interdomain Routing but RIP v2 does not. OSPF may result in faster convergence, due to triggered updates. OSPF's built-in features make it easy to design, implement, and troubleshoot. OSPF routers build a complete view of the network, reducing the potential for routing loops. OSPF sends periodic link state advertisements to keep the link active. OSPF routers have lower memory and processor requirements.

22 Which protocol of the TCP/IP model internet layer provides connectionless, best-effort-delivery of datagrams?


23 Which of the following is an alternative to a dedicated WAN link?

X.25 ISDN T1 DS3

24 The internetwork in the diagram is assigned a Class B network address of The network cannot use subnet zero but will use a single network mask for the internetwork. What subnet mask should be assigned to ensure the maximum number of host addresses are available for use on each subnetwork?

25 A packet destined for is received by a router with the configuration shown in the graphic. The routing table displays the following lines: is subnetted, 3 subnets R [120/1] via, 00:00:18, Serial0/0 C is directly connected, Serial0/0 C is directly connected, FastEthernet0/0

What will happen?

The packet will be forwarded to the next hop. The router will forward the packet out all ports. The packet will be dropped. The router will forward the packet out all ports except the receiving port.

26 How is an access list implemented in a router?

Enter the access list statements globally and apply the list globally. Enter the access list statements globally and apply the list to a specific interface. Enter the access list statements on a specific interface and apply the list globally. Enter the access list statements on a specific interface and apply the list to that same interface.

27 What are the primary functions of a Layer 2 Ethernet switch? (Choose three.)

filters traffic between LAN segments achieves greater bandwidth per user prevents hosts from sending broadcasts increases the number of broadcast domains through VLANs decreases the number of collision domains through VLANs

28 Which of the following describes the CIR in a Frame Relay network?

guaranteed data rate that the service provider commits to providing maximum data burst rate that the switch can handle number of simultaneous virtual circuits available from a service provider number of simultaneous DLCIs that can be established across the cloud

29 Which statements reflect the process of common LAN protocols accessing the media? (Choose three.)

Ethernet is a non-deterministic protocol that allows the first node that accesses the medium to transmit its data. Token Ring is a deterministic protocol that allows only one node within the ring a turn to transmit data before passing control to the next node. Token Ring is a non-deterministic protocol that uses a first-come, first-serve approach for nodes to seize the token and transmit data. FDDI networks use a deterministic approach to assure that each node has fair access to the medium. Ethernet and Token Ring networks avoid collisions by allowing only one node to transmit at a time. Ethernet is a deterministic protocol that uses CSMA/CD to assure that each node takes turns to access the medium.

30 What is the purpose of DLCIs in Frame Relay?

They determine the Frame Relay encapsulation type. They identify the logical circuit between a local router and a Frame Relay WAN switch. They represent the keepalives used to maintain the PVC in an active state. They represent the physical address of the router attached to a Frame Relay network.

31 An administrator has an older 1900 switch located on the edge of the network. What can the network administrator do to ensure that it does not become the root bridge of the spanning-tree network?

decrease the BPDU hello timer update on the 1900 assign the highest IP address to the switch that should be the root assign the lowest IP address to new root bridge assign the lowest priority to the switch that should be the root assign the highest priority to the new root bridge decrease the BID on the 1900 switch

32 What command is used to verify that a Frame Relay link is up and operational?

Router# show line Router# show version Router# show interface Router# show frame-relay Router# show frame-relay status

33 Which of the following are true regarding bridges and switches? (Choose two.)

Bridges are faster than switches because they have fewer ports. A switch is a multiport bridge. Bridges and switches learn MAC addresses by examining the source MAC address of each frame received. A bridge will forward a broadcast but a switch will not. Bridges and switches increase the size of a collision domain.

34 Which of the following does CHAP authentication use to increase security on a PPP link? (Choose three.)

periodic verification of identity while the link is established secure recording of playback attacks transmission of the CHAP password in plain text the use of a unique and random challenge value the use of a two-way handshake of CHAP exchanges identity verification at the startup of a link

35 When a user generates information to be sent on a network, in what order does data encapsulation occur?

data, frame, segment, packet, bits data, packet, frame, segment, bits data, packet, segment, frame, bits data, segment, packet, frame, bits

36 Which of the following are characteristics of RIPv2? (Choose two.)

requires classful addressing for configured interfaces forwards routing updates using multicasts forwards routing updates using broadcasts operates as a hybrid routing protocol supports variable-length subnet masking

37 Which command will verify that a router is configured with RIPv2 and that the hold-down timer and administrative distance are set to the default values?

show ip route show interface brief show ip protocols show interface

38 The network in the graphic is using EIGRP with the metrics shown. Router A has a route to network through Router C, with a feasible distance of three. What will happen if the direct link between A and C becomes unavailable? (Choose two.)

DUAL will immediately promote the feasible successor route through Router B to successor route status. The route to Network C on Router A will be placed in Active status. The route to Network C on Router A will be placed in Passive status. Router A will send query packets to all neighbor routers. Router A will mark the link as down until regularly scheduled update packets are received.

39 What operations can be executed from the Router> prompt? (Choose two.)

enter privileged mode with the enable command modify passwords modify the router name with the hostname command view basic router status view passwords view the running-configuration with the show running-config command

40 What is the reference point for a connection between a TA and a non-ISDN-compatible device?


41 Which item is a commonly used metric?

ARP Hop Count Acknowledgment Number Time

42 Which ISDN channels are used for voice, video, and data?

A channels B channels E channels D channels Q channels E channels

43 A static route needs to be configured to network This route should have an administrative distance of 180. Which command will configure this route if the IP address of the next hop interface is

Router(config)# ip route 180 Router(config)# ip route 180 Router(config)# ip route 180 Router (config)# ip static-route 180 Router (config)# ip default-route 180

44 Which statements are true regarding OSPF DR and BDR elections? (Choose three.)

The command ip ospf prioritypriority number is used to set the priority value that determines the DR. The default priority value for a router connected to a multiaccess network is 0. The router with the highest MAC address is elected as the DR when the default priority values are used. The loopback interface must be configured on the DR. The BDR is selected from remaining routers and uses the same criteria applied in the DR election. There are no DRs or BDRs on point-to-point links.

45 Which packet-switched WAN technologies are characterized by the use of Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs)?

Frame Relay and ISDN Frame Relay and X.25 ISDN and X.25 ISDN only

46 Which statement describes the store and forward transmission mode of an Ethernet switch?

It is also referred to as a hybrid mode or as error sensing mode. It requires the switch to read the first 64 bytes of an Ethernet frame and then begins to forward the data. It decreases the latency of the transmission but has very little error detection. It increases latency with large frames, but error detection is high.

47 Which configuration parameters can a host receive from a DHCP server? (Choose three.)

MAC address outside global address DNS server address DHCP helper address default gateway address IP address/subnet mask

48 Which layer of the OSI model can provide connection-oriented and reliable data transfer between two hosts?

application presentation session transport

49 Which utility shows the route a packet takes to reach its destination?

netstat ping Telnet traceroute

50 Which command displays the active configuration of a router?

Router# show flash Router# show configuration Router# show running-config Router# show startup-config

51 In an IPv4 environment, what information is used by the router to forward data packets from one interface of a router to another?

destination network address source network address source MAC address well known port destination address

52 In an effort to minimize traffic, an administrator decided to keep web traffic from causing the ISDN link to come up by denying WWW traffic to the remote server. Two minutes after making changes to the configuration as shown in the graphic, the administrator notices that web traffic is still passing over the link. What is the most likely cause of the problem?

The dialer-group has not been applied to outbound traffic. The access-list is incorrectly configured. Broadcasts are creating "interesting" traffic and keeping the link active. The command ip access-group 128 out is missing from the bri0/0 interface.

53 Which layer of the OSI model establishes, manages, and terminates sessions between applications?

Layer 7 Layer 6 Layer 5 Layer 4 Layer 3 Layer 2

54 When using distance-vector routing protocols in a frame relay environment with multiple DLCIs on a single physical router interface, split-horizon issues must be resolved. According to Cisco best practices, what should be configured to manage these issues?

a single network address multiple LMIs subinterfaces multiple IP addresses on the same subnet

55 Which automatic process is started first whenever power is applied to a Cisco router?

empties contents of NVRAM looks for the configuration file performs a POST starts the operating system

56 What is the length of a MAC address?

12 bits

24 bits 38 bits 48 bits

57 Identify the correct pairing of protocols and their classifications.

Routed - IP, RIP Routed - RIP, OSPF Routing - IPX, RIP Routing - OSPF, RIP

58 Which protocols or applications allow a network administrator to monitor a network? (Choose three.)


59 Which type of encapsulation is recommended to be used to connect two routers from different vendors through a dedicated point-to-point connection?


60 Which command will display statistics for all interfaces configured on a router?

list interfaces show interfaces show processes show statistics

61 What is the correct order of the layers of the OSI reference model, starting at the lowest layer and working up the model?

data link, physical, transport, network, presentation, session, application physical, data link, network, session, transport, presentation, application physical, data link, network, transport, presentation, session, application physical, data link, network, transport, session, presentation, application application, session, presentation, transport, data link, network, physical

62 What is the purpose of the IOS enable secret command?

to set password protection on incoming Telnet sessions to set password protection on the console terminal to allow a user access to User mode to allow a user to enter a password that will be encrypted

63 How are VLANs configured?

by moving switches to different router ports by changing switchports for each host on the segment by physically moving equipment to a different network through software through hardware automatically with a plug and play module

64 The administrator of the network shown in the graphic would like to use VLSM to subnet the company's Class C address. Which subnet masks should be used on the LANs and serial links to waste the fewest host addresses? (Choose three.)

65 Which fields are common to the TCP and the UDP segments? (Choose two.)

source address sequence number acknowledgement number options checksum destination port

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