I am attempting to use policy based routing for the purpose of configuring load balancing between T1 frame relay on C2811 and ADSL connection running on 2'nd router RV082. RIP is running on both boxes and I have configured floating static default routes to both routers on C2811. I can configure route-map for "set ip default next-hop [ADSL-Gateway] which policy routes all non statically defined traffic to the ADSL device. Works great just needed to specify priority corporate traffic with static routes on C2811. Now I wish to provide fail-over which also PBR provides by use of tracking option. Router config will allow "set ip next-hop verify-availability [ADSL-Gateway] 10 track 124" which works great for fail-over but pulls all traffic regardless of configured static routes. IOS cli will not accept "set ip default next-hop verify-availability [ADSL-Gateway] 10 track 124" i get error at cursor at the ip address of default gateway when entering. The only difference between the two strings is "default" which makes a big difference in the way routes are handled. This command is mentioned in the related commands section of

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with no example. I have tried to do this using only IP CEF and static routes but have trouble accessing many sites. PBR works very well would like to configure fail over and have read and tried everything practical considering I am on a live network. Note have also configured tracking for ADSL route on C2811 hoping that when connection ADSL dropped {which is picked up-checked using sh track}routing table would refect change via RIP and route-map would quit, no such luck. Any ideas greatly appreciated. The tracking function was almost immediate when applied to rule for route-map. Platform = C2811 12.4(1) Thanks in advance.

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