CCNA training question. Can you help please?

Here is my configuration:

I bought a 3620 router to help me study for my ccna. I have a cable modem. It is connected to a d-link broadband wireless router I have set up basic rip on the 3620. Networks and are specified after router rip All networks are /24

I have asigned on interface e0/0 - this goes to the cable router. It's internal IP is - the cable modem has dhcp set up - I have a Windows 2003 server, DNS/WINS on this subnet. - The server is A/D, hosting the Test.local domain - There is a switch between the server, 3620, and the cable router I have asigned on interface e0/10 - this goes to workstation, - the workstation is a member of the Test.local domain - it can not login with the router in place.

- there is a switch between the workstation and the 3620

Here is my problem:

1) From the second pc, I can not ping the cable router 2) From the server, I can not ping the workstation 3) From the Router I can ping the cable router 4) From the Router I can ping the workstation

show ip route: C directly... C directly ....

My conclusions: There is a DNS error somehow, but I have a DNS/WINS server running. Without the 3620, my workstation points to the DNS server successfully For it's WINS/DNS needs, and everything, including Internet searches, works. Is there a way to specify my dns/wins server for the cisco router?

=================================================== Building configuration...

Current configuration : 763 bytes ! version 12.3 service timestamps debug datetime msec service timestamps log datetime msec no service password-encryption ! hostname Router1 ! ! ! ip subnet-zero ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! interface Ethernet0/0 ip address half-duplex ! ! interface Ethernet0/1 ip address half-duplex ! ! router rip network network ! no ip http server ip classless ! ! ! ! ! gatekeeper shutdown ! ! line con 0 line aux 0 line vty 0 4 ! ! end

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Because the cable router (D-Link) is probably nto set up to run RIP.

Because the default route of the serevr points to the D-Link which has not route to the network. Does the server run RIP? Either get the Windows server running RIP or add a route of to

Or, add a static route on the D-Link (if possible) poingt to via The D-link will redirect if the default gateway of the Windows 2003 machine is

Yes, they are both on 192.168.0.x

Yes, they are both on 192.168.0.x

Your error is a simple routing error. Unless all the devices speak RIP, it is not helpful. The DLINK is doing the NAT to ine internet, right?

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