CCNA Syllabus - where can I find one ?


A while back (12+ months ago) I bought the Sybex 640-507 CCNA book (Second edition). Full of good intentions at the time, there it sat on the book shelf gathering dust....until now !! So I've started to have a read through it but was wondering if the Syllabus has changed in the meantime ? Does anyone know the current syllabus for CCNA ? I didn't want to go to the effort of learning all about IPX only to find it wasnt in the exam any more !

Cheers, Tim.

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Tim Jenkins
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Hi Tim,

The 640-507 was retired waaay back in 2002. Buy yourself a new book and a router simulator. Here are the 640-811/640-812 topics:

Introduction to Computer Networking Concepts The TCP/IP and OSI Networking Models Data Link Layer Fundamentals: Ethernet LANs Fundamentals of WANs Fundamentals of IP Fundamentals of TCP and UDP Operating Cisco Routers Operating Cisco LAN Switches Cisco LAN Switching Basics Virtual LANs and Trunking LAN Cabling, Standards, and Topologies IP Addressing and Subnetting Basic Router Configuration and Operation Introduction to Dynamic Routing Protocols Remote Access Technologies Final Preparation

LAN Switching Review and Configuring Cisco 2950 LAN Switches Spanning Tree Protocol Virtual LANs and Trunking IP Addressing and Subnetting RIP, IGRP, and Static Route Concepts and Configuration OSPF and EIGRP Concepts and Configuration Advanced Routing Protocol Topics Advanced TCP/IP Topics Point-to-Point Leased Line Implementation ISDN and Dial-on-Demand Routing Frame Relay IP Access Control List Security Final Preparation

Cheers, hb350001

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You can find the current exam topics on the Cisco Website:

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- Free CCNA and CCNP Study Guides

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Cheers all, much appreciated.

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