is there a ripv2 sim in the ccna exam?

any one bumped in to a ripv2 sim in the ccna 640-801??? some one told me that there is one now? not sure if they are right. also what extra commands do you have to do with v2 compared to v1??? please let me no. thanks allot. myk3

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to my knowledge, everything you learned about v1 is relevent with v2, except....

  1. v2 supports IP Classless
  2. v2 offers authentication options
  3. RIP v2 multicasts routing updates using the Class D address

hope this helps mr

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Oh ... forgot to mention.

The only command you really need when configuring v2 ... here is a simple example

Router>en Router#conf t Router(Config)#router rip Router(Config-Router)version 2 Router(Config-Router)network

hope this helps mr

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