Achieve CCNA, then what?

I am looking into pursuing the CCNA-CCNP certification track as part of a career change. I live in the Southern US. I have some experience with networking from the WinNT4 days (late 90's) but only as far as the Microsoft world is concerned, no real experience with Cisco routers etc. I know about subletting and IP addressing but not how to work with the hardware. I want to do home study and buy some equipment to work on at home as part of my studies. I noticed that many of the jobs out there today want experience, at least 2 years. So what can I expect after I do all the hard work and achieve the inital certification, the CCNA. How will I get a decent job? What can I expect my role to be with a fresh CCNA but no Cisco experience except for what I learn on my home lab? Do most companies give you a chance to show your stuff? Any comments?


Tom Brown

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Tom Brown
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