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My company is going to pay to send me to a bootcamp and they want it to be local here in Dallas, TX. I have found 2 coming up and was wondering if anyone had experience with either, or if someone knows of another good one. The ones I found are through Globalnet Training (this class will be taught by Todd Lammle) and one through Global Knowledge, though they do not offer on-site testing or lab equipment. I am leaning toward the first one, but am also looking for opinions.

Thanks in advance.

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Try computerminds in Bedford, just off of 183 and Industrial. 817-858@9670. They are a testing center too.

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Hi I saw your email, my name is Melissa. I work at Tech 2000,Inc. We offer Cisco Authorized Training. I was looking into a CCNA boot camp in Dallas for you on May 26th. When looking for a class make sure it's authorized, Global Knowledge is definitely, but it's a question you have to ask or look into. Also, do you have Cisco Learning credits? Many of companies have them, if they have bought Cisco eqiupment in the last year. I am looking into a class for you. I'm waiting to see about the hands- on lab, pass guarantee programs and etc. for you. My company's website is

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if you would like to take a look. When I get that info, I will send it off to you. If you want to ask any questions or need further info, call my office at 703-467-8606 on Monday. I would be happy to help you.

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I've taken a fair amount of classes through Global Knowledge. Some better than others, but all pretty good. I never took a boot camp there.

For the regular classes, they used to have live equipment. Then, they started going with remote labs. There is good and bad with that. It is always nice to be able to look in the rack and plug the cables up yourself. But, then again, with the remote labs, you can just set your equipment to start at a particular lab number and reset. It takes a little bit for it to configure and load (because it is real equipment). This is a very cool feature though. You can sometimes access after hours from your home/hotel as well depending on how they schedule the equipment.

Some of the classes (such as voip) would still mandate that equipment is brought in. I would suspect that the CCNA boot camp would be remote labs. If I was looking for a CCNA boot camp, I'd certainly consider them.

It might a question worth asking both places if they have equipment local or remote.

Hope that helps,


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Hi Melissa. How's George and Jeannie ?

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