Difference Between Self Study Guide and Exam Certificaiton Guide Texts?

A little confusion here... I'm an experienced network type - mostly at the supervisor/manager level but want to earn my CCNA.

I purchased the Cisco Press Exam Certification Guide for the 2 part CCNA Intro and ICND path plus have the Cisco Flash Card and Exam Practice Series. I also have a home lab with 3x2501 routers and a 1900 switch. I'm doing all of this as self study.

I notice there is also a Self Study Guide in the series. Do I also need this or is the Exam Certification Guide sufficient for the tests?

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According to ciscopress.com:

"The primary goal of Self-Study Guides is to provide networking professionals with thorough, in-depth texts that are valuable self-study tools for Cisco certification exams and are practical handbooks for effective network design, deployment, and management. Self-Study Guides, which are based on Cisco courses, provide essential foundation learning and thoroughly cover topics addressed in those courses. To be a truly useful self-study tool, however, these guides also contain additional information and detail wherever necessary."

"The goal of Exam Certification Guides is to help prepare candidates for Cisco certification exams from CCNA to CCIE. These books assume readers have attained the necessary learning foundation and experience for a certification test and are reviewing material before exam time."


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