CCNA questions

I've finished the Cisco CCNA Intro and ICND books finally and have the
Todd Lamme CCNA book arriving this week. I took the tests included in the
CCNA Certification package but want to try something else. Boson have
practice tests on their site but they are quite expensive.
Sybex have cheaper ones and I'm out of work at the moment so cash is
Anyone have anything to advise me, Boson or Sybex ?
I'm aiming to take the test 1st week in June.
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I personally recommend Todd Lammle's CCNA CertSim. Since you have his Sybex book on the way you can purchase the full version for a very cheap price of $39 (USD). Money being tight I understand, but $39 is just a meal for two. More info can be found at
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This has very realistic test questions/simulations and is updated a lot. The nicest thing is that it tells you where in the Sybex book you can find more information on questions asked (wrong or right).
My two yen worth...
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Thanks Wilson, and you other who answered. Appreciate it.
I've been looking at the Boson VS Network Visualizer simulators for practice. The Network Visualizer product seems to be the better of the two.
Less expensive than purchasing the routers.
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