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According to Cisco Press, if your ICND book is printing 7 or greater, you have up to date information for the exam. If not, you can go to their website and download the updated Appendix F and a replacement chapter 6 for OSPF / EIGRP information. The website also has an updated test engine that is closer to the real exam.

I took the exams separately and found the INTRO exam a bit challenging, but easily achievable with the information from the Cisco Press book (I scored

930). The ICND exam was more difficult and the Cisco Press book did not cover all the material on the exam, causing me to fail on my first attempt with a score of 837 - you need 849 to pass. My ICND book is printing number 3, November 2003 and I found out about the website updates after taking the exam. If I had to do it over again, I would take the single CCNA exam.

If this is your first Cisco exam experience, or if you have taken Microsoft exams in the past be warned - Cisco exams are sneaky and more difficult by design. Make sure you FULLY read every question and know exactly what it is asking.

Anybody else want to add advice / experiences?

Allan Wingenbach

I'm taking the CCNA test this friday feb 18th. I studied from the Cisco > press Intro and ICND books plus some boson tests and labs. > > I might be mistaken, but as far as I read on this topic, seems like > that the 2 cisco press books are not enough to pass the exam? > > I will appreciate your sugestions and I might re-schedule the text. > > Thanks a lot > > Regards > > Ludwing >
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Allan Wingenbach
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How can I identify what printing are my books? INTRO and ICND? theyr both Feb 2004.

This is my first Cisco Experience. I have been practicing with BOSON Tests but they are very far from reality.

I have tried the Cisco Prep center and still have problems with in depth concepts.

Thank you for your advice.

Any other suggestions?


Allan W> According to Cisco Press, if your ICND book is printing 7 or greater, you

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challenging, but

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