CCNA exam

I want to take the exam at the end of next mounth.

Which book do you suggest me?

Boson tests are similar to the questions of the real exam?

Which is the minimum score to pass the exam?



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Good luck, you should be able to do it if you get your head down.

I used the sybex one and found it adequate.

no not really. testking are though.

78% Althought no one knows how they add up marks for drag&drop / lab / multiple choice.

You're welcome.


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John Smith

Attualmente il testo migliore è Test King 640-801,c'è anche la possibilità di dare 2 esami per conseguire questa certificazione. Per ora sto studiando dal Test King 640-607,ma per quello che mi hanno detto bisogna aggiornarsi. Boson sembra molto utile per imparare efficientemente la gestione dei router,ma per ora è meglio esercitarsi su Test King e Sybex anche perchè dicono che le domande di quest'utlimi due siano identiche!! Buon Studio "Alessandra" ha scritto nel messaggio news:

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Min passing for the CCNA is 849.

Plan for the Sims to run you between 100-150 pts. each, and dependent on the drag 'n drops, each of those about 50-75 pts each. Assuming 3 sims and 3 drag 'n drops on the CCNA, you're looking at a min score of 650 if you get those entirely correct. Sims are graded on partial credit, drag 'n drops are not. Questions are also all or nothing credit.

Honestly, I've taken many of the Cisco exams over the years, and all the sims are the same through a series of exams. I've only heard of the ACL, NAT, and RIP sims on the CCNA consistently from what my students have told me post-test. Even if you fail once, the sim doesn't change drastically between the tests, the objective remains the same while the ip addressing and router names change.

Good luck!

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