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I recently failed my CCNA exam, mainly because I failed both simulator questions the exam. Now I have Boson test questions software which includes some very basic (in comparison to the CCNA exam) simulator questions.

Can anybody suggest some software that simulates a broken LAN/WAN that you have to fix that is similar to the sim questions in the current CCNA.

Yes I have got some old routers and switches at home. Unfortuanely these can't simulate a broken network. Setting them up with IP addresses, RIP'ing them from scratch etc is quite easy.

Also any hits and tips on how to pass 2nd time round would be very much appreciated.

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For way less than the price of failing the exam again, you can pick up a pair of 1601s and a cross-over cable on eBay. These run a cut down version of IOS - up to version 12.2 - and will cover 90% of the router config you need to do for CCNA.

If you decide to move on, these are perfectly serviceable as edge devices or even peripheral routers in a CCNP/CCIE lab.

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