Another new CCNA :)

I just passed the CCNA after my boot camp this past Saturday!

Tough test - I only had one sim (OSPF), which is where I tend to do better -- all the strange wording in the multiple choice throws me off somewhat, especially with the time crunch.

I finished about 20 minutes early, though. I had only the one sim and there were ten questions left, so I went as quickly as possible so I'd have plenty of time on my second sim!

I'm starting on the BSCI book now! Also picked up a few routers on e-bay to help me study for the CCNP and (hopefully eventually...) the CCIE.

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Outstanding. Keep up the good work work. As I just passed mine again, I know how you feel.



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Fred Atkinson

Way to go! I passed my CCNA a couple weeks ago, so I'm starting to study for the BSCI exam as well. Good luck to us both!

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Congrats! What did you use to study for it?


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I took a bootcamp and read the ICND. BU Bootcamp is very good if you're in the Boston, MA area.


AN wrote:

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