Passed the CCNA this weekend

Passed the CCNA this weekend / 90 Percent.

The question pool is quite large. I used Todd's 5'th edition study guide.

I'd be more than happy to entertain any questions.

-> Lots of subnetting

-> I had a simulator with configuring OSPF


-> Vlans/Switching

For the most part, there is only one or two simulators. The rest is multiple choice or drag/drop and the dreaded fill in the blank.

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congrats i have my test soon! please advise the main things to studdy on! also can you guys tell me the types of drag and drops you got and sims and filling the blanks you got! thanks allot myk3

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Congrats. I passed mine dec 2004 . Are you shooting for CCNP now? I'm reading BSCI Cisco Press now. Very demanding though.

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The sybex book basically covers all the main things to study. There are other books, and I've read others -- but I liked the sybex. Make sure you get the 5th edition. In my opinion, if you know that book inside and out, you should be good to go.

Since the questions are random, you don't know what you will be asked -- so you need to make sure you cover everything.

There are several different sim questions -- almost all of them have to deal with troubleshooting a network and routing protocols.

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which exam you taking first, any other books you recommend like from sybex?

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I got two books for BCSI . Both Cisco Press. I'm fan of the Cisco press because they go into depth really deep. First book is BCSI Exam certification guide(with cd included) by Clare Gough and second is BCSI self study second edition by Catherine Paquet. I think it's wise to get both and to read them really well. The one by Catherine goes more into depth and it's harder to read but it'll teach you details. The one by Clare is aimed to prepare you for the test itself and it's easier to read (also reviews some ICND stuff). My plan is to ready the one by Catherine till i understand it well and then go to exam preparation book by Clare and do lots of question and then hit some online racks while doing questions from the books in the meantime. I don't think anyone should use simulators since it's hard to simulate debugs (and you'll be using those a lot for routing).That's my two cents anyway.That should be enough. Also according to some CCIE's and CCNP's at Cisco forums study time for BCSI should be double of that for CCNA (INTRO and ICND). Switching should be little easier i think. I'm planning to spend next year and a half just on CCNP and then take a month or two break and then hit CCIE blue prints. I hope some of this gives you insight on which books to get.My suggestion is to get them both. If you're member of Cisco Press you'll get discounts. You are member as long as you have Cisco ID. Good studying

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