Passed 640-811 ICND exam today with an 875. This was my second try. First attempt, I was rushed for time. You only get 60 minutes, so you really have to watch it. I had 1 simulator.

What I used to study:

-5 day ICND coarse at New Horizons (ok class...but mine wasn't worth 2500 bucks. good thing my employer picked up the tab)

-CCNA exam guide by Wendall Odem

-Network Visualizer 4.0 sim software (do not waste your money on this.)

-and rack time from

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Chris has great prices on rack rental. 10 bucks for 24hrs. You also get a complete lab book to use along with his racks. His site has a lot of other free study items also. check it out.

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You got the course, you bought books and used SIM and you did fail the first time to pass the exam? Wellllllllllll

This is Cisco, not CISSP, hold-on.


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Alain Banneux

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