Wireless Pre-N driver causes o/s skipping

I have a DLink 625 Pre-N router and after installing the driver for the Dlink DWA142 USB Rangebooster N adapter, I experience regular "skipping" in audio, programs and gameplay. It is as if the operating system is stopping for a split second, then running for a split second, then stopping, etc for 3-5 seconds. After that, everything is normal, then is happens very regularly, maybe once every

1-2 minutes. This happens while any program is running. I know it's the driver for this adapter because I also have a AipPlus Extreme G USB adapter that works flawlessly. I've gone back to that until I can figure out what's wrong with this N driver. The router I have is also a Rangebooster N Router (DIR625). My system is an Athlon 2900 with 1 Gig Ram/ATI Radeon 9550 graphic card. Windows XP SP2 with all security and o/s updates.

I tested this setup on three different systems, the one above, an Asus motherboard with an Athlon 64 Dual Core CPU/ Geoforce 7950 512meg video card, and a Biostar motherboard with an Intel Celeron chip and an ATI All in Wonder Graphics card. This happened on all systems.

After 6 hours with DLink tech support level one and two, they gave up and told me to send an official request for a tech to investigate the problem. Wonderful, there is no precedent.

I bought a Belkin Pre-N router and adapter card to see if it was the software and experienced similar problems with that also. Slightly longer between skips, maybe 1/2 sec instead of split second skipping.

So now I think it's just the wireless software in general that is causing the problem and it seems it's provided by Atheros in both Belkin and DLink adapters.

Has anyone else experienced this? I would have to believe it is an issue other places. I think the odds of this happening on three different (and clean-no other software installed) systems is not likely.

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Could be the USB adapter itself also is that the correct one for the router???? I have a DIR625 with a DWA642 installed in a laptop and a DWA542 in the desktop and experience no lagging like you describe... Pre N stuff is very flakey at the present and one should make sure that all the equipment should be the same and be running the same chip...there are different chips being used by the same manufacture.. I am thinking the range booster is not really compatable with the router....

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