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How do you go about removing the last layer from tight buffered cables.

I am doing some multimode, and am having real trouble getting the final coating off the fibres.

Any hints / wrinkles?

TIA, Philip Partridge

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Phil Partridge
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How are you stripping the cable now? Pocket knife? LOL

Seriously you need the tools at that link


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Are you having a hard time with the colored layer (900 micron) or the actual last layer that's transparent and goes right on the fiber (250 micron). If the answer is 250 micron, adjust your stripper (or throw it away if not adjustable). That layer is purposely made soft to buffer any microbends, so your tool has to be real bad to not get that soft plastic. If you are struggling with 900 micron (and in some cables, especially couple years old OCC ones, they have used real tough acrylic for that layer) you can either go in multiple small steps (say, take that 3/4 inch strip in 3 steps) or get yourself a heated stripper. OK Industries makes one. For multiple-step strip you really need a steady hand. For the heated strip you really need A LOT of extra time because it takes a while to warm that plastic up to make is softer. Additionally, get a power supply for the heated stripper. It literally burns through the two alkaline batteries in 30-40 minutes of use.

Good luck!

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Thanks to both for feedback..

It is the final layer.. Am using a pair of No-Niks (pale blue handle) on

50/125 MM fibre.

These have only been used on (roughly) 60 ends, so should still be OK. They have never been particularly good. I shied away from the 'wire' type stripper, as I thought it would be a little clumsy on fibre.

This job, I didn't source the fibre, and I can't even find a make on the sheath. Black sheath, tight buffered, internal/external grade, 4 core. - Cores red, orange, green, and blue.

I have had most success using No-Niks to take off outer, then pulling fibre between thumb and finger nail a number of times.. Slowly the final layer breaks down, and can then be removed by gripping the fibre in a fold of alcohol wipe and pulling.

PITA, and results in more breakage. - Not to mention the risk to me of fibre fragments.

Straw poll time..

What do you use?

Regards, Philip Partridge

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Phil Partridge

I did literally hundreds of thousands of terminations with cheap Klein "wire" strippers in the 7 or so years I was in business.. Always got the buffer on the 1st try. I taught a LOT of guys how to use these things on fiber as well. We did everthing from crimp to fusion splice stripping that way.

I never did like NoNiks myself...

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