cat5 problem

i am trying to connect some existing cable to a switch.

i have a tone generator, and have identified the other end.

i wired each end of the white cable in the 568-B configuration as described here:

formatting link
- the same on each end (orange-white/orange, blue-white/blue, green-white/green, brown-white/brown)

i tested my computer separately near the switch with a short patch cable, and it worked, the light on the switch for that port stayed on in full-duplex.

when i tried it with my new wire, it didn't work - i do notice the switch's light for that port comes on in full-duplex, for almost 1 second, every few seconds, almost in a regular slow blink ...???

there is an additional blue cat5 wire that runs the same route, and it exhibits the same behavior as the white.

i am able to use one pair (the blue-white/blue) in the white wire for a phone connection. that was the initial plan.

when the blue wire didn't work as cat5 eth, i tried the white, thinking it might work, as at least 1 pair worked for the phone. but it behaved the same as the blue.

now the white is again the phone, and the blue is what i need help with.

thanks, s7

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Did you see there is a white green before the blue (and blue goes before the white/blue, too)? That is, the pair #1 (blue-white/blue) is in between conductors of pair #3 (white/green-green)

Just double check your wire map.

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thanks for the hint - i was not seeing the colors as they were. thanks again - problem solved!

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