Which pair should i choose.?


In a CAT 5 cable, There are 4 Pairs of cable available.

Orange, orange white, Blue , Blue white, Green ,Green white, Brown , brown white,

Out these four pairs, i need only one pair for the communication. Which pair should i choose.? Is there colour based on their performance?

Can any one Kindly help me in this

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Voice or Data?

If Data, what speed.

But in general you use all of them for a "good job". :)

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Joe wrote in part:

No. Electrons are color blind, but they know who their dance [twist] partners are!

By somewhat longstanding US tradition, pairs are allocated:

Blue - first voice line Orange - 10/100baseTX or second voice line Green - 10/100baseTX or third voice line Brown - power/other

-- Robert

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Robert Redelmeier

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