Telephone wireing advice please.

I have to run 20 lines from a phone closet on the first floor to a closet on the second floor. Unfortunately these closets are not ontop of each other so the total run is approx 45'.

Anyone have any advice on what the best way to do this would be? I was thinking that using 25pair cable would be best but I've never punched down a

25pair cable. It doesn't look like fun.

Some background. Panasonic PBX is located on the first floor in the server room. First floor lines will also terminate in this location. We're running the second floor in a way that if needed we can split the first floor from the second floor without having to completely rewire the 2nd floor.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Robert R Kircher, Jr.
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I actually thought about that as well but again since I've not worked with

25 pair cable before I wasn't sure exactly how that would work. I assume I can get a custom cable made with the Amphenol connectors attached but I wouldn't know where or if it was cost effective. It should would make my job easier, however. Is there any place online that will make up the cable where I might be able to look into cost?


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Robert R Kircher, Jr.


Its easy and a piece of cake. Dont let all those lil' wires scare ya, just follow the color coding of each wire and you will be fine. But, yeah I would pull one 25 pair instead of 25 seperate cables definetely

Joe P.

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Joe Perkowski

Punching down a 25-pair cable is much easier than it seems. You're already familiar with terminating Blue, Orange, Green, and Brown. The

5th color is slate. In a 4-pair cable, the tracer color is white. In a 25-pair cable, it's just the same colors repeated 5 times. The only difference is that in a 25-pair cable the tracer changes colors. The first group is white, the second group has red for its tracer color (Red/Blue, Red/Orange, and so on), the third is Black, the fourth is Yellow, and the fifth is Violet.



Robert R Kircher, Jr. wrote:

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Ed Nielsen

25pr is both easy _and_ fun. It is normally laid in groups of 5pr by tracer color. Just separate the groups (White, Red, Black, Yellow, Violet) and punch down the 5 usual colors (Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Slate) in order. Easy since both 66 and 110 blocks are marked for groups.

If you get _real chicken_, you can buy 66 blocks with Amphenol

25pr connectors wired on. Then just get a 25pr Amphenol cable.

-- Robert

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Robert Redelmeier

Punching down a 25 pair cable is no harder than punching down a whole bunch of 4 pair cables. Just repeat after me: white, red, black yellow violet (base colors) blue, orange, green, brown, slate (stripe colors)

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T. Sean Weintz

I'm sure there are many. Pre-made 25 pair cables with amphenol connectors on the are common enough. Try googling.

It should only take about 5-10 minutes (if you are just learing!) to punch down all 25 pairs onto a 66 block, tho.

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T. Sean Weintz

Yes I was thinking about the # of pair needed and I'll check again but I'm almost positive it's on pair per line. It's an old DBS VB-43050.

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Robert R Kircher, Jr.

I was thinking that using 25pair cable would be best but I've never punched

It IS fun! Run a 25-pair, its the most convenient way to do a phone riser. On a side note: I'm not all that familiar with Panasonics, just watch out for number of pairs the phones are using. Some digital phones do require two pairs per set, so you'll have to run a 50-pair cable instead. If you punch it down yourself, here is your color code for a 25-pair:

formatting link
's one for 50-pair there as well if you need it.

Good luck!

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