Should tone generator be this quiet?

I just purchased a used Harris Pro2000 Tone & Probe Kit like this one from Ebay:

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The probe is so quiet, that I have to put my ear to the speaker to hear it. Is this normal? I suspect it might be defective. There is a high and low setting, but the low setting is almost completely inaudiable. The batteries are new. I've only used one other tone generator and it as an "IDEAL" brand. It was plenty loud and put out static like a radio that wasn't on a station when it wasn't picking up the tone. Tryin to hear this Harris probe is like taking an ear exam. I don't think I could use it at all if there were any background noises. Please let me know if this is normal or not before I contact the seller.

Thank you, Steve Smith

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I personally have never had any luck with anything other than Tempo/Greenlee high power toner and the probe:

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I had (still have) Ideal probes as well as Harris's. I can barely hear both even though I don't have hearing loss to the best of my knowledge. Can only hear the signal if the battery has just been opened and put inside. Towards the end of the first day I would already have trouble hearing it. It looks like a probe's problem usually, not the sender's

With Tempo there could be another problem: it picks up from too far away to distinguish between pairs easily. Has a little volume adjustment, obviously, but normally there is no time to mess with it, so it just keeps shouting at me ;-)

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