What command reports the "real" IP address?

What command reports our "real" IP address to the world?

I have a standard home wireless setup with a cable modem connected to a wireless router and a single laptop computer wirelessly connected.

I googled for "query IP address" and I found this commmand. c:\\> ipconfig /? c:\\> ipconfig /release c:\\> ipconfig /renew c:\\> ipconfig /all

But that ipconfig command doesn't give my "real" IP address. That ipconfig command only reports my "fake" address! Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . : Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . : Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . : DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . : DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :

By googling, I found web sites that tell me my "real" IP address.

For example,

formatting link
me my "real" ip address is

But how do I find my "real" IP address without having to go to a web site to find out. Does the ipconfig command or the netstat command have a hidden option to report the "real" ip address?

If not, what command reports the "real" IP address?

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Julie Holiday
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That *IS* your *COMPUTER'S* "real" IP address. Chances are, though, that you're sitting behind a NAT gateway, either built into your cable modem or running as a separate device. The NAT router has its own IP address, which is visible to the world at large, and it rewrites packets to and from the computer(s) on the network it serves to make it seem as if the packets come from the NAT router itself. There's no way you can tell what the NAT router's address is using exclusively local commands on the computer(s) it serves. Instead, you must either access the NAT router itself (via a Telnet session, Web interface, or whatever) or access an outside Web site that reports back your IP address (as you said you've done).

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Rod Smith

Your real IP address is par of the "private IP addresses". You will never see this kind of address on the internet. On your private network you can use any kind of Ip addresses. But to get outside, on the internet, finaly you must have a public IP address. This means that either your PC is cennected derectly to the internet, which is very improbable, or you pass trough your ISP gateway, which is directly connected to the internet. For example my ISP gave me a public IP address. It was his option. So it doesn't need to make NAT to allow me to exit on the internet. But it would decide to gave me a private IP address, then NAT in imperatively needed.

Br, Dan

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Julie Holiday wrote in news:Xns975BD95EE41BEHPb@

As other responders have already stated, that is your real IP. There is a nifty, 14KB program available at

formatting link
which will show your Internet IP of your router and the lan IP of your computer. The download is an 8KB zip file.

Simply unzip the IP2.exe to a folder and create a shortcut for it. The results are shown in a small window that can be closed by clicking the X. It queries a series of web sites(as mentioned at the link above) until it gets a response for the Internet IP of your router.

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John Gray

You can go to

formatting link
and get the IP of your router. I think that is the question you are really asking.


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Ed Wurster

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